Orion SG Media was founded in the spring 2009 as a shameless attempt to cash in on the iPhone App lottery. While that mission has not yet been fulfilled, David Daves and Anton Antokhin, the founders of the company, realized that developing apps is something they actually really like. So far they've successfully released two very well-received titles; "Star Trek Original Series Communicator" and "Road Trip Arbiter" (links below). Both of the apps are available at the App Store now. Last but not least, a very ambitions app called ourDea is currently in development.

We welcome inquires about our current products and are also eager to discuss developing new apps whether as your partner or simply for-hire. I think at this point it's also important to mention that our rates tend to be insanely competitive. You can reach us via a form below on this page. We encourage bloggers and members of the press to contact us for free promo codes to try our apps if you're interested in covering them.

App Publisher? Web site/blog owner? Make money off everything on iTunes (even free stuff) with links people are actually happy to click on. Trust us on this one; it's not a ton of money, but works pretty well. Contact us (above) if you need help setting it up or would like more info about this good program:



   A transformative app that aims to change the world, currently in development at a secret off-shore location.
Road Trip Arbiter
   An amazingly useful app for a group of people traveling together.
   It's a kind of an item that you'll wonder how you ever did without.



Road Trip Arbiter


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Star Trek Original Series Communicator
   Released by CBS Mobile, the app is availabe now on iTunes. Send us an email for updates or join the friend feed    below. See the screenshots in the gallery or watch the trailer. Also, read this great in-depth article article about us.











If you're cheap like us, you'll appreciate this link: all the free stuff that's currently available on iTunes is located hereicon